Drystore Bunker | Palm Kernel Bunker | Fertiliser Bunker

Single or double bunkers with a sliding roof allows dry and multipurpose storage of feed, fertiliser or compost materials.

Whatever kind of drystore bunker you need

Drystore bunkers are sized according to your requirements.

15T, 30T, 50T, Double 60T or 100T options or less.

Double or single bunker configurations.

The business of a Drystore Bunker

  • Sliding coloursteel roof colour of your choice

  • Tracks top and bottom of wheels to resist high wind uplift

  • Double or Single Bunker options

  • 2.1m or 1.5m high wall options

  • 2-3 Day full installation time

  • Built to last

  • Reduces waste of supplementary feed

Another happy Drystore Bunker customer

Having our 50T PK Bin is awesome, the feed is out of the wet, tractors aren’t getting stuck, its efficient to load out and feed out, the roof is a great strong design and the stock appreciate being fed clean feed with no mud. The bunkers work well with our feed pad and situated nice and close.

-Stu Johnson, Tirau