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Cow Housing / Stand off Pads / Roofed Feed Pads

All kind of mean the same thing but different right?! When building a Feed Pad it doesn’t mean that you cant future proof and provision for a roof or loafing areas in time.

Why would you need to even start to think about covering you Feed Pad? These are the few most common reasons as well as been driven by council control measures.

Improves animal health and supplementary feed efficiency.

  • Minimise / reduce nutrient losses – a cows urine patch is equivalent to 1000kg Nitrogen per hectare – There is significant nitrogen leaching from urine patches deposited in autumn and winter.
  • Protect production – loss of leasehold land but can maintain the same number of animals
  • cows no longer use energy trudging several kilometers each day to and from the dairy shed. This walking can also be a major source of lameness. Fonterra has found with its China-based farms that when New Zealand bred cows are shifted to an enclosed system, the total milk production per lactation from each cow more than doubles.
  • When everything is done correctly, housed cow systems are still compatible with a low cost of production per unit of output and a high return on capital. The 2013 winner of the New Zealand Dairy Business of the year was a farm that housed the cows in winter. The key judging criteria were overall return on capital and environmental sustainability.
  • Our Feed Pads feature a non-slip surface specifically designed for cows to stand for extended periods.
  • The size of the Feed Pad, feed face and number of water troughs are calculated based on individual farm requirements.
  • Improved Animal Health – In winter, the animals need less energy to maintain their body temperature, and in summer there is no heat stress in a well-designed system.
  • Maximise/Utilisation Grass Growth

Primary Features

  • Precast nib walls
  • Galvanised feed rails
  • Floodwash and recycle green water
  • Feed Bins or Feed Lanes
  • Soil conservation – reduce pugging and compaction on wet farms and over winter

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out and about in the field.

“Archway Group have been successful in securing two recent contracts of scale, managed/designed by Opus Consultants for private rural landowners clients. These works included a major upgrade of a dairy effluent system (supply and installation of sand trap, solids bunker construction, concrete aprons, clean water diversion, safety fencing) and currently a large herd barn fit-out/civils in the bay of plenty. To date we have found Matt and Amanda and their team to be: – Professional and positive to work with – Energetic and client focused – Deliver what they say they will, on time – Cost competitive – Able to provide practical solutions to issues as they arise – Experienced in the rural sector and appreciate farmers perspective”.

Clive Tozer

Opus Consultants

“The reason I chose Archway was because I met Matt on site to discuss our project and he had a large amount of experience in the types of projects that we were undertaking. Lat year we received a letter from our dairy company saying we weren’t compliant with our effluent. As a result of the system that the Archway Group has installed we’re now 100% compliant. One of the benefits we’ve discovered from using an Archway Feed Pad is that we’ve been able to obtain 25% more efficient utilisation of our feed. The installation went extremely smoothly, the team were here from 2am to 2pm. The whole job was finished without a hitch. Matt from Archway was able to bring us an infrastructure plan that had solutions to many of the problems we hadn’t even yet thought of”.

Gavin Hadden