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Maximise your feed utilisation and reduce any risk with feeding out in the winter.

Do it all with a feed pad

A Feed Pad is designed for cows to feed for a few hours and then go back to the paddock. Feed face, the amount of time spent on the pad, and also the fall to accommodate an efficient flood washing system are all very important. A common mistake is to underestimate the solids produced. To keep it simple take everything into account and plan for a simple efficient effluent system that can accommodate all of the above.

Cow house / Herd barn / Herd home

Why a Feed Pad?

  • Flood washing keeps it simple

  • Save/reduce labour and secure running costs

  • Maximise utilisation of feed

  • No stress about feeding out in wet conditions

  • Protecting of paddocks and from pugging

  • Control production and feed intake

  • Stormwater diversions