Stone Trap | Wedge | Tailings Bunker

Stonetraps | Sandtraps | Wedges,  with a tailings bunker off to the side, are an ideal effluent management option for separating solids.

An ideal system for lower cow numbers and areas that have high water tables with restricted options of infrastructure.

Also a recommended option if your a high input system, with high water tables and limited fall from the cowshed | cow yard areas. 

Systemised stone trap, an ideal effluent system

Archway Groups Stone Trap and Tailings bunkers work in together as a system. Keeping all the effluent contained the tailings bunker allows the Stone Trap to be cleaned and the tailings rested for drying and makes dealing with the solids a lot easier and less labour intensive. Both the stone trap and the tailings bunkers are sized according to area, solids produced and what is being fed and how the area is washed. Removing solids from any system reduces duress on pumps or pumped line and increases your effluent application areas.

Stone Trap Details -

  • Sized according to your current infrastructure and farming system 1-5
  • Outlet cover allowing solids to build up, creating half siphon effect
  • Minimum size 8m long x 4m wide x 1.5m deep

  • 9’ slope for safe and ease of cleaning

  • Entry and exit point located precisely

  • Liquids from the tailings bunker designed to run back into the stone trap

  • Usually combined with a sump sized accordingly


“We farm 460 cows on the Pukehina Flats where it is very wet and are limited to what we can do. We really wanted to put in a Weeping Wall but Matt talked me out of it because of the issues around water pressure and building such a structure in the peat. We have a 12mx4m stone trap and only have to empty it every couple of months. It goes to show if you have a decent stonetrap and you manage it, it works really well.”

-Errol Watts, Cutwater Road, Pukehina