Super Bin | Fertiliser Bunker | Fertiliser Storage

The new fertiliser planes can fly up to 30T per hour – do you have enough storage for efficient flying time?

Store now, fly later with a super bin for fertiliser storage

With the size of the planes getting more efficient at flying on fertiliser, the number of trucks to keep up with the planes are increasing. Often access on steep property’s is an issue through the critical periods, and often farms miss out on key nutrients because of access of trucks to airstrips and they miss the window. Having dry storage of your fertiliser means that you can fly on your fertiliser when others can’t. Eliminate the risk by storing fertiliser during the dry periods when access is safe, so you can fly on when it isn’t.

Your fertiliser storage Super Bin

    • Sliding coloursteel roof colour of your choice

    • Tracks top and bottom of wheels to resist high wind uplift

    • Swinging doors with latch lock and lock back

    • 100T single bunker options or smaller

    • Double 60T Bunker – total 120T or smaller

    • 3 Day construction time working to small weather windows

    • Built to last

    • Stormwater diversions


“Having the Super Bin has changed our life and all our neighbours lives too! Everyone fly’s off this strip now as we can store 100T of Super, its is very well utilised, a great asset, a cool design. Having the fertiliser stored here means we can dominate the planes when everyone else is busy trying to get their trucks into their airstrips. It’s awesome.”

-Matt & Jess Evans, Strathblane Station, Tiniroto – Gisborne