The standout silage bunker is Tri Block

Tri Block Silage Bunkers are strong, innovative, modular and very cost-effective. Custom designed and engineered to meet any storage requirements, the unique Tri Block silage system allows for you to add to in the future.

The practical and splayed walls allow for superior silage compaction and minimal wastage. So don’t let rapid fermentation reduce your maize or silage dry matter and energy!

Engineered designed for 20T machines and the IP-protected design is an efficient and effective way for silage storage.

Silage bunkers, engineered to work

Our TriBlock Silage Bunkers are a stand-out solution for your silage storing requirements. Engineered designed and compliance with the NZ Building code means we have exemption from building consent in most areas – which also means that getting insurance cover is not a problem! The bunkers are well thought out for your requirements and designed with the efficiency of loading and unloading in mind. Keep your staff safe and out of the mud in big equipment, have zero silage waste, and save time and money.

The good stuff about Silage Bunkers

  • Zero silage wastage

  • Efficient loading and unloading

  • No mud, keeping staff and gear safe

  • Tyre storage

  • Splayed walls for superior compaction

  • Engineered designed for 20T machinery

  • Exempt from consent in most areas*

Another happy Silage Bunker customer

We have a double 250T TriBlock Silage Bunkers. We were just so impressed with the efficiency and stoked with the design. I thought hard about doing it myself, but the money I would have saved doing it myself means that I was missing out on doing better things that are worth my time in other areas. What Archway Group did in only three days would have taken me months and to a completely different standard. We love it, am stoked.

– Glenn Townsend, Morrinsville