Archway Tri Block Silage Bunkers

The standout silage bunker is Tri Block.

Tri Block Silage Bunkers are strong, innovative, modular and very cost effective. Custom designed and engineered to meet any storage requirements, the unique Tri Block system allows for you to add to in the future.

The practical and splayed walls allow for superior silage compaction, and minimal wastage. So don’t let rapid fermentation reduce your maize or silage dry matter and energy!

How much feed supplement are you wasting?

  • Engineered modular design
  • Any size you want
  • Wall height between 1.5m and 3m
  • Splayed walls
  • Optimised feed face
  • Reduce waste by up to 50%
  • Exemption from building consent

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Tri Block Silage Bunker Gallery

out and about in the field.

“I heard about Archway Group through friends and neighbours, jobs that they’d had done and it seemed like a logical choice. We installed a Tri-Block system because we grow a lot of maize supplement and we wanted to reduce wastage.

We’ve taken a long term view with the farm, Archway Group are going to be part of that. There are cost benefits with the modular design. If we choose to add an additional bunker we can utilise the existing structure and it’s been engineered to stand the test of time. I’d have no hesitation recommending Archway Group to others. They’ve got good products, a great team and very efficient”.

John Morrow

Farm Owner

“There are a number of reasons why we used Triblock. The two main reasons are the strength of them and the ease of extending. We also found Mat and Amanda easy to communicate with and everything to do with the build went smoothly. We were very impressed with the service we received”.

Tracey and Grant Jenkins


“Very impressed with the new bunkers. The amount of maize that they hold surprised us. Covering the stacks in the bunkers was a breeze – taking hours instead of days”.

Dave & Jenny

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