Archway Weeping Wall

Lower operating costs.

In 2015 Archway Group commissioned Debbie Care from AgVice (and peer reviewed by Opus) to undertake a cost benefit analysis of the Mechanical Spereration Systems VS Archway Weeping Wall VS Pond Only Systems.

In summary, the Archway Weeping Wall to include 70% lower operating costs that the other two systems which is vital in years like these, and after only four years the Archway Weeping Wall System becomes more cost effective that the other two systems.

How much feed supplement are you wasting?

  • 20 Year Guarantee
  • Our bunkers are 100% sealed and contains all nutrients by using approved chemical resistant silicones.
  • Engineered by specialist professionals and producer statements supplied.
  • Archway Weeping Wallhas 70% lower operating costs than Mechanical Systems and Pond Only system
  • After only four years the Archway Weeping Wall is more cost effective then above systems
  • Simplicity is the key!
  • Exemption from building consent

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Weeping Wall Gallery

out and about in the field.

“The effect the Archway Weeping Wall has had on this farm is fantastic. It’s taken away all the hassles that we had previously with efluent and it’s management.

The investment of putting in the Archway Weeping Wall means we future proof the farm because as a Maori Trust, we’re here for ever. Water conservation is a key reason why we went with the weeping wall system.

I’d definitely recommend Archway Group to other trusts, and why I say that is that they have a professional team, they’ve got a fantastic product. One of the main benefits for us for the Archway Weeping Wall is that its non-mechanical and requires no day-to-day labour”.

Craig Kusabs

Tumunu Lands Trust

“Client testimonial from initial quote stage to final result. Thank you for putting together the proposal for our weeping wall and for the invitation to your field days. We are going into this project with full confidence that we will end up with a really well built weeping wall that WORKS!

Thank you for your work done so far. You are a great team doing a great service for the NZ Dairy Industry. Work is now completed and we want to say a huge thank you for the very good outcome, you have a very impressive team of workmen. All the best for the future!”.

Matthew Dean

Silverdene Farms - Mercer