Weeping Wall Effluent System | Dairy Farm Effluent Design

With optimum gravity, the Weeping Wall effluent system requires no daily labour management and is just so simple.

Weeping walls, clever effluent separation

When designed correctly, Weeping Wall effluent systems are the most simple, low cost and effective form of solids separation. Requiring no daily management and with optimal gravity, the weeping wall allows you to pump and recycle green water. Eliminate your stirrer from your pond and reduce the duty on your pumps and irrigators. The design of the Weeping Wall effluent system is a science and sizing is based on multiple factors.

A Weeping Wall Effluent System with Modular Design

  • No daily management required

  • SIMPLE, no moving parts

  • Minimal ongoing operating cost

  • Reduces duty on pumps and irrigates

  • Recycle greenwater for floodwashing

  • Increase your effluent application area

  • Increase the Co2 build up your soil

Another Happy Weeping Wall effluent Customer

“This Weeping Wall effluent system here is just a breeze. If you want to spend money, spend it right, and at the end of the day we got it bang on the money. We went to the Weeping Wall because the pumps couldn’t handle the sand and stones and plastics. The Weeping Wall leaves the pond clean and we empty the bunkers when they are ready on to paddocks that we can’t get to with the irrigators. The Weeping Wall just makes sense for us and I don’t know anybody that could go past it to be honest.”

-John Climo, Wharepapa South, Waikato