Brad and Laura are out at Wharepapa South, Waikato, milking 450 cows. Contour on this farm is a big challenge for these two, and a health and safety concern for their staff, which meant in the winter they could not leave the farm. They had to be there, all the time. Some days they couldn’t get the feed to the cows as it was steep and wet. This created a whole myriad of problems ; “It was stressful, feeding out and seeing all the feed get wasted, speed up the round, run the pasture covers down late July august and not being able to feed the cows some days. Couldn’t get into the paddocks with the wagon. Making a mess and getting stuck. We couldn’t leave the staff to feed out because it was a H&S hazard in the wet.” “Matt designed it; he shot all the levels its completely stress free. I can go away and not have to worry about something breaking down, because effluent is pretty hard to deal with. Knowing the little details you need to get right to fit it all together assured us, that’s why we went with Matt at Archway Group. Matts initial design, layout and ideas we liked. The specifications we liked, nothing was skimp and everyone we talked to about Archway all said great things. Everything was on time, on budget, and organised. Matt is good at what he does, and he knows what he does and it’s the little things that make a difference in the end. Ask him a question and he always has an honest answer, that gave me confidence about what was happening, there are a lot of things that could have gone wrong in terms of design from the bunker going into the pad into the wall into the pond. But it all works I am really happy with it all and I put a lot of that down to Matts experience.”