Who we are | Meet the team

Why we do what we do

  • We want to do business with people who believe in what we believe

  • We want to be surrounded in great people

  • We want to see our customers doing great

  • We want our customers customer to think well of them

  • We want to educate people into decisions

  • We don’t want to sell something to a farmer

  • We want to set a high standard

  • We are here for the long game not the quick sell

Our Embedded Values and Culture

  • Simple systems attract great people

  • There is always a better way

  • Average is not OK

  • If you think you shouldn’t don’t

  • A half ass is not a safe ass watch out for your mate’s ass

  • The customer should always think you’re awesome

  • Hard working good buggers

The Team

“We all spend more time at work than you do at home, so you’ve got to love what you do and the people your doing it with”.


Matt is from a very strong Dairy background originally from Whangarei. Recently back from the Kellogg Rural Leaders program at Lincoln, Matt is all about farming for the consumer. Matt’s process of thinking helps the farmer understand the simplicity of any new system, or how making an existing system more functional. Matt is a high performer, with a practical a solutions driven brain with a future driving approach for keeping in mind of the what end consumer wants their food produced and how. Big on family values and authenticity , hes really a big softy.

If Matt’s not on the tools with the lads, you will find him trawling the ocean for his next big fish on his boat “She’s gota Horse”

MOB | 021 432 241


From a strong Sheep & Beef farming background on the Mahia Peninsula, East Coast, Amanda has always had an infinity with the land and it’s animals. Amanda runs the financial and logistics side of the business after several years of agri business roles. Amanda loves the numbers, loves making process and systems easier and better for the lads, and loves the team that has been created around Archway Group. Working along side others to always be better, and looking after our people is what gets her out of bed in the mornings.

If Matt’s let her escape from the office for the day, you will most likely find her out hunting, Tally Ho!

MOB | 021 542 941


Jono’s been working with us for a long time in our engineering space until we convinced him he needed to join the family in 2018!
Jono runs the show around here, draws all the plans, coordinates the operations, and keeps the team going. A massive part of our R&D and continuous development. One of the hardest people to get to take time off work and so committed to us, we are so lucky to have someone that cares so much about us, our business and our farmers.
Jono comes with his amazing long time partner (just marry her already!) and three kids. His twins are the best little hard working good buggers around!! You may have spotted them on site during school holidays.

MOB | 021 503 0270


Where would I be with out Kerryn in my life! Kerryn runs the show here in the yard with the admin, purchasing, payroll and marketing side of things – it’s a lot and she gets shit done!
She’s my sidekick – diligent, committed, thorough and just all round awesome. When she’s away for a week, you really appreciate what she does when she isn’t here to do it all!
Kerryn’s a star squash player, and loves her hiking- ticking off the great walks over summer. Legend!

OFFICE | 07 573 9883


Bringing the average age up of Archway Group since ages ago! Aidan is so integral to our team, from packing, loading, making, fixing you name it he can do it!
An ex panel beater, builder and dairy farmer he’s the man you want on a team like ours! Everyone needs an Aidan.
You’ll see him on site from time to time installing our floodwashs and welding together and installing all our pipe railing and gates.
We love Aidan, such a neat man to have around in all aspects of life – he too has an extra awesome wife in his life, and a menagerie of animals! Don’t underestimate him on the rugby field either!

MOB | 027 432 2030


Jac Jac is the first one to greet you in the morning with a chipper, cheeky and fun attitude.
We didn’t even know that Jac was working for us to begin with, he just turned up one day with his brother Jimi to fill in a few days to work for free…what the!!!
Instantaneously we asked him to work for us, that kind of attitude you don’t find very often! He’s a keeper and just adds to the team culture of making even the worst possible day, fun.
Jac is organised and makes the monotony of H&S fun and interactive – which means our team know exactly what they are doing, how they are doing and in what order. Jac’s a key part of the team in both the factory and on site.


Ricky’s our tidy and organised Welder Fabricator who is mostly in the workshop welding up all our pipe railing, gates, making the roof assemblies for our PK Bunkers, building our trailers, fabricating all things we need on site and making our next job easier for the lads.

Coming from Surtees Boats, Ricky is awesome at working with me on ideas and systems to make the teams day better. Attention to detail is his thing, Ricky’s a bit of a perfectionist. Super handy to have around.

Loves a tidy work bench, and a keen hunter/fisherman.


Mano has been with us since he was a 15 year old young lad! Definitely a permanent fixture around here and most certainly one of the family – so much so I call him my son!
Mano is so dependable and reliable with such a lovely nature.
Mano has a wide skill set , but owns the forklift when in the yard and also the man out on site.
Extremely tidy, and always clean and well groomed!


The Bionic man! Daz started with us in 2021 and after smashing up his elbow over the Christmas break chopping firewood he was forced to take a few months off. He’s now back on deck and rearing to go with his new titanium elbow! Nothing could keep him away!

Daz is a mad keen hunter and fisherman and you’ll likely find him down at the beach or in the bush for the weekend. 

Lindsay Archway Group


Lindsay joined the team in 2022 and he hit the ground running!

Coming from a building background Lindsay is a handy man to have around and he doesn’t mind getting stuck in!

On the weekend you’ll find him in the bush or hanging out with his young family.






Cow house / Herd barn / Herd home / Feed pad


Jimi has worked on and off for us since 2012! We can thank him for bringing Jac to us as he is Jac’s older (and he would probably claim wiser) brother!

Jimi is very handy on the concrete tools and has been around the block here at Archway so has seen the company grow up!

A lot like the other boys Jimi enjoys and fish and a hunt in between running after his two little ones at home!