The problem

Do I need to spend a fortune on my small/med, low input farm?

“We have a very small sand trap that we have to empty all the time, daily even. Often staff don’t empty it so there’s no real point in even having it as everything ends up in the pond any way. There’s nowhere to put the solids out of the current sand trap and during busy times is a low priority and not really that easy to manage. Our irrigators block all the time, and we are always managing them, and it is time spent that we could be doing more productive things.

We constantly have to keep an eye on the irrigator to make sure it’s performing.”

The Solution

“We farm 460 cows on the Pukehina Flats where it’s very wet and are limited to what we can do. We have a 12mx4m stone trap and only have to empty it every couple of months. It goes to show if you have a decent stone trap and you manage it, it works really well.”

Problem Nitty Gritty

  • Irrigator blocks regularly

  • Daily management of our pond only system

  • Constant agitation of the pond to enable pumping

  • Regular maintenance on pumps because of stands and stones

  • We have a tiny sand trap that needs daily management and nowhere to put it

  • Too many solids in the pond taking up liquid storage

  • Solids in the bottom of the pond are expensive to empty.


  • Installed a custom sized stone trap with tailings bunker

  • Monthly/bi-monthly management not daily

  • Outlet pipe with a galvanised cover prevent blockages and allow liquids through to pond and solids crust to build up

  • Water borne solids can go to pond and stirred up and pumped to pasture

  • Sand, grit and stones remain in stone trap and emptied into tailings bunker to deal with later

  • 75mm of freeboard to put hydraulic pressure on the pipe to push any blockages through

  • Buffer volume of 30m3 in the stone trap for emergency.