Herd Barn | Stand Off Pad | Dairy Cow Housing

Restrict pasture damage and protect your animals from the elements through vulnerable times.

Herd barns, there’s a bit more to them that you might think.

There is more to a herd barn than just a roof over a feed pad. The two very different concepts, and both have very different requirements.

Planning for the herd barn is very important; square meters per cow, the fall on the feed pad to ensure maximum coverage and velocity of the floodwash, also the effluent system to accommodate the number of solids produced needs to be well thought out.

Why the Herd barn?

  • Flood washing keeps it simple

  • Save/reduce labour and secure running costs

  • Improve herd health

  • Protection from heat stress and wet weather

  • Increase production

  • Limit damage to pasture

  • Makes calving easy

Another happy Herd Barn customer

“The weather doesn’t beat me anymore, I beat it. We are looking after the cows, the farm and our people so much better. We have total feed utilisation and massive time savings with the simple flood wash and Weeping Wall system combined. I can spend more time with my family.”

-PJ Williams, Normandy Lands Trust, Waharoa