Dairy Farm Infrastructure Plan

Think about the consumer and think about your progression as a premium food producer. Everything we do within Archway Group is about keeping things simple, if there is something that we can do to reduce labour or any menial task then we do it. You should too. Plan for the next 10-15 years not just the next two.

Why an infrastructure plan for your farm?

As a producer of food, the consumer has more influence. It is important to think about what the consumer wants to see, and how to plan for the future. When making plans to upgrade, think about buying the neighbours or increasing herd sizes, think about covering the uncovered feed pad and increasing the m2 per cow, and where and how you are going to site infrastructure to maximise falls and area. The key is to keep it simple with as minimal moving parts as possible – the less labour input the better.

How it helps

  • Plan your infrastructure around your heights and falls
  • Well planned placement can save you money
  • Ensure your effluent system is not underestimated
  • Think about keeping it simple as possible
  • Keep the amount of labour involved at a minimum
  • Separate your solids to lower your application rates
  • Contain all your nutrients

Another happy customer

“It’s the little things that you need to fit it all together. Matt’s initial design, layout and ideas we liked. Matt is good at what he does, and he knows what he does. Its the little things that made a difference. You ask him a question and he would always have a good honest answer that gave me confidence.”

-Brad and Laura Lewis, Wharepapa South