The problem

We always had a bog hole we were loading silage out of.

“I like things nice and tidy and take pride in what I do. The silage pit was one mess that I really didn’t like too much and I especially don’t like feeding my cows spoiled feed which was hard to manage once I opened the stack if I wasn’t using it fast enough. I ended up feeding more to my stock because of the poor quality and getting so much waste in the stack with the wet and the mud.

I’m a one-man band and there nothing worse than getting stuck in the silage pit and feeding out spoiled maize to my stock ”

The Solution

“Its like concrete in there, you go in with a loader with the 2m wide bucket. The little 80hP tractor goes in and just wheelspins so its so packed in there! That’s a massive plus because when you do get it out its that beautiful golden stuff and it smells good. There is such a quality difference and you can actually feed less of it I have noticed because the quality is better. A lot of people comment on the bunkers, they look smart. I can see us going down the path of building a third one, it will be so easy as most of the infrastructure is already there.”

Problem Nitty Gritty

  • Waste in the stack is a real problem especially in the wet

  • Maize on the ground when you open it up the air gets to it

  • Tractors get stuck loading out

  • Feeding out takes additional time

  • Stack on the ground is an untidy mess – I think things tidy

  • Compaction is not as good and the silage sometimes spoils

  • Tyres and silage cover hard to store out of the way

How we solved it & The outcome

  • Two 150T TriBlock Silage Bunkers

  • Rock hard, concrete like compaction – beautiful golden silage which results in higher ME

  • Look great and so tidy

  • Cows are being fed clean quality feed

  • No mud no mess, no getting stuck

  • Modular design so additional bunkers are easy